Educational Philosophy

Mrs. Kotaka Otsuma, the founder of our school, preached and practiced the “nurturing of maternal qualities,” the value system by which she lived her life. Even in our modern times, with people seeking diversity and varied lifestyles, the founder’s belief in nurturing and deepening the universal value of a “gentle and generous heart” is still an important foundation for girl’s education. Our school’s motto is “Haji-wo-Shire.” (Roughly translated as “appreciate humility” or “develop an understanding of the value of humility”.) This urges individuals to examine themselves closely and not get sidetracked from the lofty ideals of human existence. This philosophy encourages students to cultivate independent minds. Our school has a traditional reputation for turning out “good wives and wise mothers.” While emphasizing the concept of home-based women whose characters are enhanced with rich, good natures, our motto takes on a new, modern meaning when educating women who drive themselves to become leaders in various fields and industries. Kotaka Otsuma’s spirit serves as the guiding force behind our philosophy of education for the new era, prompting women to view the world in new ways, to contribute to peace and harmony and to nurture and develop their own capabilities.Otsuma School celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2008 and we are excited to continue our mission into the next century. Our targets for action and educational goals are as follows: “To contribute to the realization of a healthy and sustainable society through striving for the enrichment of social capital by fostering truly independent women with minds rich in both refinement and compassion through the systematic promotion of the founding mentality of school founder Kotaka Otsuma in education/research/regional activities in the context of the new era.”