Founder & History


Our school’s founder, Kotaka Otsuma, was born in Mikawa Village in Sera County, Hiroshima Prefecture, in 1884. (This village has grown to today’s Sera·Cho.) The old village was buried under the Mikawa River Dam, but her house was relocated to the dam’s shore to be preserved. Although Kotaka was born in a small mountainous village, she was invited by her old school to teach at the young age of 17. She later went to Tokyo to continue her studies and eventually became a primary school teacher in Kamakura. Her passion for education continued, and after she was married to Mr. Ryoma Otsuma, she opened a small home academy at the age of 24. Until her death in 1970, she dedicated her entire 85 years of life to the promotion of women’s education. For her devoted service, Mrs. Otsuma was decorated with the Medal with Blue Ribbon and the Order of the Precious Crown, Butterfly and was further decorated posthumously with the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Star.
In 2002, Kozan·Cho (today’s Sera·Cho) presented the Honorable Citizen’s Award to Mrs. Kotaka Otsuma.


1908Founder Kotaka Otsuma established a private academy in Kioi-Cho, Tokyo, to provide instruction in needlework and handicrafts
1929Otsuma Gakuin was granted authorization as an incorporated foundation. Kotaka Otsuma took office as President of Otsuma Gakuin.
1947Under the New School Education Law, Otsuma Junior & Senior High School was granted authorization for setting up a school.
1951The Otsuma Gakuin Incorporated Foundaation was re-organized into Otsuma Gakuin Educational Institution.
1952Kotaka Otsuma was inaugurated as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Otsuma Gakuin.
1953New school banner and school song were established.
1958Celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Founding Otsuma Gakuin
1961Kotaka Otsuma took posts as President of Otsuma Women's University and as Principal of Otsuma Junior & Senior High School.
1992The Completion of the New Otsuma Auditorium
2004The New Building of Otsuma Junior & Senior High School had been completed.
2008Celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Founding Otsuma Gakuin