Annual Events

From the entrance ceremony in April to the graduation ceremony in March,
a wide variety of events are held at school.
There are plenty of fun events, such as school festivals and sports festivals,
which the students take upon themselves to plan and devise.

    • School Entrance Ceremony
    • Student Orientation
    • Physical Examinations
    • First Term begins
    • School Student Union General Meeting
    • School Sports Festival
    • Parents-Teachers Association General Meeting
    • Parents and Teachers Meeting
    • End–of–Term Examinations
    • Summer Vacation
    • Freshman in Junior High School Camp
    • Rugby School Summer Seminar in UK
    • Summer Seminar in Australia
    • Second Term begins
    • Interns are Coming from Oxford University
    • School Cultural Festival
    • Ball Games Tournament Gathering for Freshman in Junior
    • Ball Games Tournament Gathering for other different years
    • School Anniversary (November 20)
    • Student Union General Meeting
    • End–of–Term Examinations
    • Christmas & New Year Vacation
    • Third Term begins
    • The New Year’s Calligraphy Exercise Gathering
    • Entrance Examination for Next Year
    • The Explanatory Meeting for the Next Year Fresh Man
    • Choral Competition
    • Final Examinations
    • Graduation Ceremonies for Junior & Senior High