Club Activities

Baton Twirling
Basket Ball

Volleyball(4) Basketball(5) Soft Tennis(4) Table Tennis(4) Dance(3) Gymnastics(5) Baton Twirling(5) Kendo(3)


Theater(2) Literature(2) Art(2) Calligraphy(1) Tea ceremony(1) Chemistry(2) Horticulture(2) Music(2) English conversation(2) Mandolin(5) Anime(2) Brass band(5) Koto(2) Classical Japanese Dance(1) Flower arrangement(1) Cuisine research(1)

Extracurricular activities available only in high school

Track and field(4) Hiking / Backpacking(3) Photography(1) Volunteer activities(1) Chorus(3) Light Music(2) Manga(1) Movie club Astronomy club(3) Musical club Go club(1)

※Numbers in the bracket indicates the approximate frequency of days met within a week (as of 2014).Changes may apply prior to tournaments and conventions.
※Those without numbers inactive


Baton Twirling

First place for both middle school and high school division in the 42nd Baton Twirling National Competition


Asahi Shimbun Award, Osaka Mayor Award,
Outstanding Performance Award in the National High School
Guitar and Mandolin Contest


Attendance in the Calligraphy Division for the National High School Cultural Festival
Suwa Taisha Award in the Suwa Taisha National Calligraphy Competition
Kongobuji Award in the Koyasan Calligraphy Competition